With 'Pleistocene' -- his third full-length record -- Roach further demonstrates his evolution as an artist and a songwriter by moving away from music that evokes the regional sound of his boyhood home. Here the rolling hills and dark hollows of Appalachia have been transformed into the towering skyline of Roach's adopted hometown of New York City. The fiddles and mandolins have been replaced by clarinets and fleugelhorns; the footstomps by a whispering snare drum. The result is a lushly orchestrated and beautifully arranged album completely funded by his dedicated and ever-growing fan base.

The Poet
Barrio Moon
Once A Builder
A Sketch
What I Meant
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Already a #1 record in Europe, 'Revelation' -- the much-anticipated new album from award-winning songwriter, A. J. Roach -- is now available in North America. With 'Revelation', Roach has incorporated such diverse instrumentation as banjo, mandolin, trumpet, trombone, Wurlitzer piano, glockenspiel and accordion, while at the same time staying true to the Appalachian roots that defined his first record. Pair this with stunning narrative songwriting and what you have is an absolute gem of an album from start to finish.

Devil May Dance
Sears & Roebuck Suit
Hazel Blue
Streets of Omaha
Devil Reprise
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A. J. Roach's full-length debut is ethereal and haunting. Thematically, the record deals with leaving and being left behind. Many of the album's thirteen tracks are lyrically centered around the bleakness of modern life in the once vibrant coalfield towns of Central Appalachia. Hailed by fans and hardened critics alike as a true masterpiece, 'Dogwood Winter' is a stunning collection of songs that are at once timeless and contemporary.

Little Bit Brighter
Hard Being Right
Cold As Christmas
Mountain Heir
December Nights
Mean Goodbye
James White
Lost Again
Scott County
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